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No reason to ask for support for a coin that we already support!
Coin Investigated Reason
Helium (HLM)YesWaiting for masternode release
Syndicate (SYNX)YesThis coin needs a dns seeder to be self substained on the network, or working nodes in source.
Iconomi (ICN)No
Crypto Bullion (CBX)YesWaiting for masternode release
XtraBYtes (XBY)YesWaiting for masternode release
Bata (BTA)YesWaiting for masternode release
Scorecoin (SCORE)YesWaiting for masternode release
Wagerr (WGR)YesNothing?
IncaKoin (NKA)YesWaiting for masternode release
Bitradio (BRO)YesWill not be supported until they release a new wallet with newer code, current version is a support nightmare
ZenCash (ZEN)YesWaiting for masternode release
Cycling Coin (CYC)YesAny info on the bitcointalk thread that is current is needed
EquiTrader (EQT)YesNo masternode code in wallet
Espers (ESP)YesOld code, No masternode
ExScudo (EON)YesNot Released yet?
HexxCoin (HXX)YesDead?
CoinonatX (xcxt)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
DigitalPrice (DP2)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
Creamcoin (CRM)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
Syscoin (Sys)YesWaiting for masternode release
TBC ()YesTBC AKA The Billion Dollar Coin? whoever suggested this, please fill it out correctly. If it is The Billion Dollar coin, then No i will not add it, that coin is a scam
Harvest Masternode Coin (HC)YesWill not be added, bug in block generation makes this coin generate blocks every 5-10 sec, instead of the intended target. Devs are not helpful and banned me when i asked.
COPICO (XCPO)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
KoreCoin (Kore)Yesneeds to be analysed further
AltCommunityCoin (ALTCOM)YesNo Masternode support in code
ColossusCoinXT (COLX)Yesneeds to be checked if they support masternode.conf or equal
XDE II (XDE2)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
B3Coin (B3)YesNo masternode support in code
MinCoin (MNC)YesNo support for masternodes?
Vcash ()YesNot compatable with current platform
Phantomx (PNX)YesDoes not support masternode.conf file.
TRIGGERS (TRIG)YesNot released yet
BOSCOIN (BOS)YesNot released yet
Swipp Coin (SWIPP)YesDoes not support masternode.conf or equal
Sucre (SUCR)No
CrowdCoin (CRC)No
Magnet (MAG)No
Credits (CRDS)No
Bulwark (BWK)No
Urals (URALS)No
ETN (Electroneum)No
SagaCoin (saga)No

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